Symposia 20th - 21st JUNE 2013
Symposium 1
Training and Credentialing
Chairperson: Lim Thiam Aun / Abdul Hadi Mohamed
Colosseum I
S1-1: Training and Credentialing in Regional Anaesthesia Sugantha Ganapathy
S1-2: Improving the Training Programmes in Anaesthesiology Maria Minerva P Calimag
S1-3: Training in Pain Medicine Kavita Bhojwani
Symposium 2
Psychological and Non-Pharmacological Approaches in Pain Management
Chairperson: Wan Azzlan Wan Ismail / Athena Tang Mee Yee
Colosseum II
S2-1: Assessing the Role of Psychological Factors in Chronic
         Pain Patients
Zubaidah Jamil Osman
S2-2: Early Return to Work After Injury Barry Elliott Cole
S2-3: Evidence-Based: Acupuncture in Pain Management Lee Tat Leang
Symposium 3
Updates in Obstetric Anaesthesia
Chairperson: Thohiroh Abdul Razak / Mohd Rohisham Zainal Abidin
Nu Er Hong
S3-1: Antithrombotics and Regional Anaesthesia Chan Yoo Kuen
S3-2: Ultrasound Guided Blocks for the Obstetric Anaesthetist Wendy Teoh
S3-3: Issues with Low Dose Spinal Anaesthesia for Caesarean
Susilo Chandra
Symposium 4
Basic Science: Review and Clinical Application
Chairperson: Nik Abdullah Nik Mohamad / Ng Kim Swan
Colosseum I
S4-1: Progression of Acute to Chronic Pain: Causes and
Stephan Schug
S4-2: Pharmacology of Adjuvants in Pain Management Wan Azzlan Wan Ismail
S4-3: Immunomodulators in Pain and Sepsis Marzida Mansor
Symposium 5
Pain Management in Specific Conditions
Chairperson: V. Kathiresan / Kok Meng Sum
Colosseum II
S5-1: Regional Anaesthesia from the Surgeon’s Perspective Christopher J. Pearce
S5-2: Alternative Regional Anaesthesia in Abdominal Surgery Sugantha Ganapathy
S5-3: The Use of Regional Techniques in Uncommon Conditions -           The Head & Neck Block Ling Kwong Ung
Symposium 6
Chairperson: Wang Chew Yin / Thohiroh Abdul Razak
Colosseum I
S6-1: Ensuring Optimum Sedation during Regional Anaesthesia
         and Pain Intervention
Michael Irwin
S6-2: Complications of Sedation Chan Yoo Kuen
S6-3: Anaesthetic Depth Monitoring during Sedation Thara Tritrakarn
Symposium 7
Chairperson: Raha Abdul Rahman / Nora Hasiah Idris
Colosseum II
S7-1: Additives in Peripheral Nerve Blocks Mafeitzeral Mamat
S7-2: Transdermal Pain Medications Barry Elliott Cole
S7-3: Opioids: What’s New? Alex Yeo
Symposium 8
Orthopaedic Anaesthesia
Chairperson: Wong Kang Kwong / Azlina Amir Abbas
Nu Er Hong
S8-1: Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks Shahridan Fathil
S8-2: Upper Limb Blocks : Tips for Success Penafrancia Cano
S8-3: The Ideal Analgesia for Major Knee Surgery Steven Fowler
Symposium 9
Management of Chronic Pain: Cancer & Non-Cancer Pain
Chairperson: Shireen Jayan / Ungku Kamariah Ungku Ahmad
Colosseum I
S9-1: Postherpetic Neuralgia: One Disease But Many Faces Srinivasa N. Raja
S9-2: Multimodal Holistic Cancer Pain Management Carina Li
S9-3: Cancer Pain Guidelines Alex Yeo
Symposium 10
Anaesthesia for the High-Risk Patient
Chairperson: Mohd Rohisham Zainal Abidin / Kok Meng Sum
Colosseum II
S10-1: Management of a Super-Morbidly Obese Parturient
           Requiring Caesarean Delivery
Michael Paech
S10-2: The Hypertensive Parturient Grace Herbosa
S10-3: Anaesthesia for the Liver-Impaired Patient Sushila Sivasubramaniam
Symposium 11
Airway Management
Chairperson: Muhammad Maaya / Rhendra Hardy Mohamad Zaini
Colosseum I
S11-1: Video Laryngoscopy : The Evidence Wendy Teoh
S11-2: Supraglottic Airways Edwin Seet
S11-3: Ultrasound of the Airway Manoj Karmakar
Symposium 12
Interventional Pain Medicine
Chairperson: Raveenthiran Rasiah / Muralitharan Perumal
Colosseum II
S12-1: Intervention in Myofascial Pain Syndromes Carina Li
S12-2: Percutaneous Epidural Adhesiolysis for the Treatment of             Lumbar Radicular Pain Dong Eon Moon
S12-3: Interventional Management of Trigeminal Neuralgia Hari Hara Dash
Symposium 13
President’s Forum
Chairperson: Shahridan Fathil / Ling Kwong Ung
Colosseum I
S13-1: President’s Forum Susilo Chandra
(President of AOSRA-PM)
Somrat Charuluxananan
(Secretary of AOSRA-PM)
Ezzat Samy Aziz
(President of AFSRA)
Symposium 14
Day Surgery
Chairperson: Norsidah Abdul Manap / Azrin Mohd Azidin
Colosseum II
S14-1: Regional Anaesthesia in Day Care Surgery Sugantha Ganapathy
S14-2: Desflurane in Day Surgery R. Pühringer
S14-3: From Routine Practice to Research: Experience of an
Somrat Charuluxananan
Symposium 15
Anaesthesia for Neurosurgery
Chairperson: Ramani Vijayan / Raveenthiran Rasiah
Nu Er Hong
S15-1: Anaesthesia and the Aging Brain Lim Wee Leong
S15-2: Pain Management in the Neurosurgical Patient Vanitha Sivanaser
S15-3: Anaesthetic Considerations in Patients Undergoing            Neuroendoscopic Procedures Hari Hara Dash
Symposium 16
Safety and Quality in Anaesthesia
Chairperson: Subrahmanyam Balan / Vanitha Sivanaser
Colosseum I
S16-1: VISION Study: Importance of Monitoring Troponins after Noncardiac Surgery Wang Chew Yin
S16-2: Safety in Regional Anaesthesia Steven Fowler
S16-3: Reducing Complications of Central Lines David Baines
Symposium 17
Paediatric Anaesthesia
Chairperson: Ina Ismiarti Shariffuddin / Loh Pui San
Colosseum II
S17-1: Ventilatory Strategies in Children Shahani J Menghraj
S17-2: Ultrasound Guided Central Neuraxial Blocks in Neonates
           and Young Infants
Manoj Karmakar
S17-3: Pain Management in the Critically Ill Paediatric Patient Jocelyn Que
Symposium 18
Outcomes in Pain Conditions
Chairperson: Ng Kim Swan / Abdul Hadi Mohamed
Nu Er Hong
S18-1: Outcomes of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in
            Malaysian Patients
Mary Suma Cardosa
S18-2: Evidence for Intervention in Chronic Pain Muralitharan Perumal
S18-3: Outcomes of Poorly Treated Chronic Pain Andrew Moore
Symposium 19
Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia
Chairperson: Jahizah Hassan / Norzalina Esa
Colosseum II
S19-1: Perioperative Management of Cardiac Surgical Patients N Thiru Kumar
S19-2: Perioperative Echocardiography Suhaini Kadiman
S19-3: Anaesthesia for the Child with Congenital Heart Disease for Noncardiac Surgery David Baines
Symposium 20
Debate: TIVA is Better than Volatile Anaesthesia
Chairperson: Lim Wee Leong / Subrahmanyam Balan
Colosseum I
Affirmative Team (A)
Negative Team (N)
Michael Irwin, Lim Thiam Aun (A)
R. Pühringer, Fauziah Yusoff (N)